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About Qi-Quant

Qi-Quant Energy Regulation

The combination of quantum physics, natural frequencies and the knowledge of energetic form the basis of ‘Qi-Quant Energy Therapy’.

In energy medicine it has long been known that biological life does not function on the metabolic processes of nutrients and oxygen alone. The influence of the Earth’s magnetic field, the sunlight spectrum and cosmic information are a further basis for biological life.

These elementary energies and their frequencies take care of the energetic order and energetic provision in the human organism.

Each individual cell is its own life union and contains a certain energy potential. This level of energy is necessary for all procedures within the cells and subsequently for communication with other cells. The energy potential is built up through the absorption of biophotons (light quanta) and stored in the cells. If the energy potential sinks too low, then the cell can only carry out its intra and extracellular functions poorly, or even not at all.


‘Qi-Quant Energy Regulation’ provides the cells with biophotons (light quanta) at an optimal frequency via the energy system (chakras). In this way, the energy potential of the cells can be quickly brought to a level which allows for fast cell function regulation through reprised self-healing powers. The effect of ‘Qi-Quant Energy Regulation’ on the user is to be seen exclusively as energetic and includes all known energetic recovery support. (*see legal notice)

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Qi-Quant Technology


17 years of research

After 17 years of research in the field of quantum physics, Harald Granzer has succeeded in developing a product range of unique quantum-physical ‘energy products’.

His intensive research exchanges with Dr Bruce H. Lipton (stem cell researcher) and, above all, the many years of developmental work with Dr. Robert Becker and the “Dr. Becker Institute in New York”, have led to the groundbreaking research results on which the unique Qi-Quant technology is based.


The Technology

Qi-Quant technology is a symbiosis of Tesla patents, knowledge on frequency therapy, energetics and the latest ‘quantum-physical research’.

All Qi-Quant appliances work with free (zero-point) energy and without electricity.

The following components make up the unique Qi-Quant technology:

1. Quantum-energetic information matter
2. Quantum field generator
3. Frequency converter


How it Works

Qi-Quant produces and stabilises quantum fields.

The defined bio-information gained from 17 years of Qi-Quant research is modulated onto an ELF scalar wave. This information signal is strengthened and imprinted onto the carrier media in a Faraday cage via specially developed flat coil formations.

The quantum field generator builds up the quantum field, stabilises it permanently and regulates the field intensity.

The frequency converter implicates the information from the quantum-energetic materials in the built-up quantum field and thus provides all necessary frequencies.

In the Qi-Quant labs, innovations and new aspects of energy medicine are constantly being researched and integrated into new Qi-Quant products.


Which Qi-Quant products are best suited for me?


  • Regeneration Plate
  • Water Live
  • Energy Board
  • Cosimic Ionic


  • Cosmic Ionic
  • Office Pro
  • ReVital Tablet
  • Energy Board Quick Earth


  • Regeneration Plate
  • Qi-Quantas
  • Cosmic Ionic
  • ReVital Tablet