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Legal Notice

The technology presented here has still not fully been accepted by the school of medicine and the school of thought.


Free energy and the polarised vibrations and frequencies connected to it are seen as irrelevant when it comes to having any influence on the human organism. The entire sector of energetics is still incomprehensible for classic science.


Consequently, Qi-Quant products are not healing products, and we emphasise that Qi-Quant makes no promises of healing whatsoever.


The use of Qi-Quant® products is not a therapy in a medical context and cannot replace a consultation with a doctor or alternative practitioner.


In conventional science, both the existence and the pathogenic (geopathogenic) effects of water veins and earth radiation, as well as the effects of global grids, are not recognised. Therefore, protective measures are not seen as necessary.


In current scientific standards, electrosmog, and especially electromagnetic fields, mobile phone radiation or WiFi are not seen as harmful to the organism’s health.


We are therefore obliged to point out that our products, according to current scientific knowledge, can have no healing effect.


The manufacturer and the Qi-Quant research team