Cosmic Ionic

Everybody knows that great feeling you get after a long walk in the woods: your head is clear, your whole body is full of fresh air. The next day you still feel strong and vital. Completely different to a day at the office, a long car or train journey or after flying.

Why does office air make you feel tired?

Oxygen in the air we breathe is only biologically active when it is ionised. That means that it has a negative electric charge. Only negatively charged oxygen ions can react with the atoms in the body and give them new energy. In fully air-conditioned office air, there are 400 times fewer negatively charged oxygen ions than in the air in the woods. Particularly bad ionic climates can be found in city centres, flats, restaurants, and especially in cars and on subways.

Ionised oxygen protects

Of course, a long walk in the woods every day would be the best protection, because the spruce, fir and pine needles charge up oxygen negatively. Further natural ion generators are atomised water droplets from a waterfall, and the spray from lakes and the sea. Radiation energy from outer space, storms and the sun also charge oxygen with negative ions.

What are these ions?

Ions are molecules which have lost or gained at least one electron. They are either positively or negatively charged and thus polarised. Ions are always trying to maintain the balance. Negatively charged ions can attach themselves to pollutants, allergens and various pathogens, which are positively charged, to make them harmless.

What effect do these ions have on humans?

Scientists and biologists have proven that negatively charged oxygen ions in the air we breathe are essential for our metabolism. Breathing in ionised air delivers more oxygen to the blood, which means that organs can function better and improve cell metabolism. Negatively charged ions make it easier for the body to absorb oxygen, can revive body cells, increase oxygen absorption in the blood and activate the metabolism.

The Cosmic Ionic provides energetically clean air.

The Cosmic Ionic is a technical device in quantum physics, which enhances the air through cosmic negative ions!

The technology is based on a patent from Nikola Tesla and was developed by Harald Granzer and quantum physicists at the Dr Becker Institute in New York.

The device is driven by free, cosmic energy (the device works without the use of electrical energy sources, such as alternating current, batteries, etc.).

The Qi-Quant technology of the Cosmic Ionic is unique worldwide.

The production of negative ions without electricity was always considered impossible by science.

The ‘cosmic negative ions’ cannot be ascertained by conventional ion measuring devices, as they are in a higher frequency range than normal sensors can measure.

The ‘cosmic negative ions’ were measured and defined in Qi-Quant labs with subtle measurement procedures during the development of the Cosmic Ionic.

The effects of the ‘cosmic negative ions’ on humans include all known areas that, from experience, can be associated with measurable negative ions in the air.

The revitalisation of the human energy system is increased enormously.

The following effects can be noticed:

1. Harmonised and improved indoor climate
2. Better powers of concentration
3. Improved creativity and memory
4. Enhanced physical well-being
5. Less tired on car journeys
6. Lighthearted feeling in all areas of working and living spaces with electromagnetic stress