Office Pro

The Qi-Quant Office Pro is the activator at the workplace.

With the Office Pro, Qi-Quant has managed to produce a regenerative quantum field for your office chair.

As well as all cell frequencies and important frequencies of the sunlight spectrum, in this quantum field, also activating frequencies are made available.

Your entire organism can absorb optimal life energies through the energy system whilst at work. Through the conversion of electric charges in the quantum field of the Office Pro you will be protected from geopathogenic zones. (*see legal notice)

When it is positioned under your office chair it starts to work immediately and protects you during your work from geopathogenic interference fields. The radius of its quantum field is approx. 90cm.

In the quantum field of the Office Pro, the human energy system has all cell frequencies and all important regeneration frequencies at its disposal.

The field strength of the quantum field is aligned so that the energy system cannot be over-energised. The body’s own energy field only comes into resonance with the frequencies which are necessary for the optimal energy supply of the cells.

The effect of the Qi-Quant Office Pro on the user is exclusively energetic and includes all known energetic healing support aspects, such as: Better concentration, Elimination of energetic blockages, Opening of the energy flow, and ultimately leeds to better performance in the workplace for the use