The Qi-Quantas uses the support of deep heat from stimulating, healing sunlight without UV rays.

With the patented sunlight reflectors with full spectrum radiation, in the Qi-Quantas a perfect quantum energy field with deep heat is generated, which brings with it many health benefits.

The Qi-Quantas is becoming increasingly popular with people who believe in the regulatory capability of their own bodies. Because the scope of application is so broad, healthy people can use it to stabilise and build up the regulation and adaptation capacity of their bodies. At the same time, it offers anyone who is interested the possibility to initiate a gentle and very pleasant regulation of diverse physical or mental disharmonies without any side effects.

The user will notice the gentle impetus of energy and a feeling of lightness that also encompasses the mind within just a few minutes. The interesting thing is the ‘fast as lightning’ speed at which the coherent biophotons, together with the Qi-Quant frequencies, carry out their intelligent ‘structuring work’ in our bodies.

Users report a mental lightness and feeling of relaxation just a few minutes into the therapy.

All Qi-Quant products are manufactured by hand in Austria and Switzerland.