Water Alive

The invisible difference between living and dead water can probably be tasted by anyone. Although the water comes from the same spring, the water tastes much better straight from the mountainside than after it has been carried through our supply network. In addition, skin and hair usually have a surprisingly positive reaction to a shower in living water.

Scientific research has shown that water has the ability to absorb, store and transfer information. On the way from the spring to our taps, for example, it receives negative information from heavy metals, chemicals, asbestos fibres, pesticides, pharmaceutical residues, hormones, bacteria and other disgusting impurities.

Each piece of information the water is given on its journey to our pipes can be erased. Through revitalisation it is returned to its natural state: the destroyed water clusters are repaired, and the water recovers its original structure so it can do its job and benefit our health.

Interesting facts about ‘Water Alive’

Water loses its natural characteristics when it is pressed at high pressure into round pipes and forced to flow along a straight line. Due to this continuous pressure, the crystalline structure, the vivacity and the electromagnetic power of the water are destroyed and the biophoton percentage per water molecule is drastically reduced. The water is charged with energy according to the biophoton percentage. If there is not enough or no energy, it can’t give us any. The so-called energetic balance of energy cannot occur, as we know it would in living water.

We have to make sure that our body, which works like a battery, is always full of energy. For that we need, above all, sunlight, which means biophotons and living water, because in dead water the information in the biophotons cannot be passed on.

Water that has been filtered has lost its vitality and has to be revitalised. Water preparation with ‘Water Alive’ revitalises your water and increases the biophoton level. The water molecules are restructured and the purified water is crystallised.

How does ‘Water Alive’ work?

‘Water Alive’, our water revitalisation system, was designed as a subtle quantum-physical energy booster which, after instalment to a water-bearing pipe, passes on its vibration information, which is identical to that found in nature, permanently to the pipes where the water flows through and the water can thus be returned to its natural energetic quality.

Through the new structuring of the old information in the water, the water activated and revitalised by ‘Water Alive’ has the opportunity to form new clusters and hardness becomes stabilised. This results in limescale being changed to such an extent that visibly encrusted deposits in pipes, on tiles and taps, aerators, pots and kettles, etc., in a modified form which is similar to aragonite, are much easier to remove.